Public policy and management: perspectives and issues

This course will introduce the main principles and techniques of public policy and management. It examines the scope and functions of government in a critical and comparative way, ideal types of management and policy transfer, and introduces policy evaluation.

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What you will learn

At the conclusion of this course delegates will be able to understand the issues:

  •      The State, Public Policy and Management
  •      Understanding the State
  •      Ideal Types
  •      Policy Analysis and Evaluation
  •      Policy and Management Dilemmas
  •      Policy Transfer
  •      The Future of the State?

Course Content

There are also many other challenges facing society, such as climate change and the recession, which require action by governments.  Consequently this is a very exciting time in which to study public policy and the management of public services.
This course engages these issues by examining the development, implementation and management of public policy and public services.
Modules place a strong emphasis on studying the context in which public policy/management occurs, such as the politics and management of environmental policy.

The programme is also geared towards many management theories and techniques that are of relevance to your future career in either the public or private sectors.
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Public policy and strategy

The course will cover the policy process, from problem definition and measurement, option appraisal and assessment, to implementation and evaluation, using case studies from a variety of different settings. While it follows the rational model, it also assesses critically how and where such a model does and does not apply, and covers approaches to strategic management techniques in the public sector.

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Whether in managerial, administrative or political positions, people need to be able to understand the policy process in order to manage it or operate effectively within it. This involves both an understanding of the technical processes of policy and strategy making and of policy evaluation. The course draws on cases and examples from a wide variety of countries and institutions.

Issues covered:

  •      The Policy Analysis Model and Alternatives
  •      Stakeholders, Data Collection and Analysis
  •      Implementation: Policy Instruments and Service Provision
  •      Allocating Resources and Assigning Responsibilities
  •      Performance Management and Monitoring
  •      Policy Evaluation
  •      Strategic Planning and Policy
  •      Policy Networks and Policy Transfer: Policy in a Globalised World

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Decentralisation and local governance

Participants will study the fiscal an policy relationship between local an sub-national government. The course explores democracy and public participation in the policy process, local poverty reduction and local economic development.

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Privatisation and public-private partnership

This course looks at a variety of innovations for producing public services. These range from privatisation to partnerships with private and voluntary organisations. The course will enable you to undertake the analyse necessary to make the best choice of method, and to begin the process of implementation.

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After a wave of privatisations in western and eastern Europe, with a later series of privatisations in Africa and Asia, governments are now faced with decisions about what to do with remaining state owned enterprises and public services. Options include privitisation by trade sale or public offering, contracting out, use of voluntary agencies, public private partnerships to finance public service infrastructure and innovative forms of ownership. This course is designed to help people making and advising on these decisions.

Issues covered:

  •      Introduction to Privatisation in the OECD Countries
  •      Scale and Methods of Privatisation in Africa, Latin America and Asia
  •      Impact of Privatisation
  •      Case Studies in Privatisation
  •      Outsourcing, Contracting and Competition
  •      Case Studies in Procurement
  •      Public-Private Partnerships
  •      Public-Private Partnerships: Cases and Conclusions

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Local Development

The Local Development Program responds to local challenges by providing training to enhance the capacity of national and local authorities and actors to implement a wide range of integrated and sustainable solutions for the achievement of sustainable development.

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This course has been developed in response to public and private sector employers concerned with the emerging agendas within local economic development. This course is highly relevant to the needs of professionals working in the area of local economic development, normally in the public sector such as local authorities and regional development agencies and consultancies active in this field.

The course is designed to give the opportunity to acquire advanced expertise in policy and theory behind urban development and the economies that underpin them.

Training sessions focus on four major areas:

  •      sustainable urbanization and environment
  •      local economic development
  •      local governance and institutional support
  •      health and human security

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