february, 2020

05feballdayLeadership and Management Executive ConferenceWorkshops: Corporate Governance and Communications - Malaga: 5th – 9th February (All Day)


Event Details

This conference focuses on up to date developing effective leadership communications in organisations and the role that managers can play in this, in particular designing and delivering communications systems.  The role that leadership can play in reinforcing strategic objectives and direction and the choices that can be made in terms of the form, medium and content of communications with staff.

Executive Management is much more complicated, and leaders at all levels need to know a whole lot more than the mechanics of sending and receiving information.

Managers in particular are often critical of the quantity and quality of communications they experience in their organisations. They frequently argue that if only communications could be improved, their staff might understand better what was going on, be more committed to their work with benefits in terms of productivity and satisfaction.

Communication is a core leadership function.  

Effective communication and effective leadership are closely intertwined. Leaders need to be skilled communicators in countless relationships at the organizational level, in communities and groups, and sometimes on a global scale.

During the conference the participants will have the chance to examines the effectiveness and appropriateness of direct and indirect forms of leadership and management in specific circumstances.

They will be leadership and communication workshops during the conference.

“People want real. People respect real. People follow real. Don’t disguise who you are. People will never willingly follow a phony.”


february 5 (Wednesday) - 9 (Sunday)



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